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Expanding the 30-year Legacy of Emmanuel Gomado of the Odehe Culture Center in Teshie Accra, Ghana & Germany this is a co-developed program incorporating the benefits  of yoga, movement& dance, music, drum meditation, and art. We are supported by many researchers who describe music, movement, and art as therapeutic and medicinal healing agents that promote  stress management, improves communication, enhances memory, alleviates pain, helps to express feelings and most importantly connects you back to your roots. 

Our Mission



It is our mission, duty and purpose to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid and relief to eradicate disparities of underserved minority communities on a domestic and global level. These we believe can be achieved through impacting the community with a good healthy lifestyle, including financial literacy, waste management programs, fitness (yoga/cardio/aerobics, Pilates), training in performing arts, African traditional drum and dance workshops, and motivational speaking engagements.

 Our goal is to take youth, young adults and the young at heart to each place that we learn about.....see it for yourself. Ask us about our Cultural Travel or Teaching Training Scholarship Programs or send us an email to be considered for a scholarship.  

Music, Nature, Travel, & Art Therapy


 In The Power of Music Therapy,  Abigail Hagan research describes drumming and movement as a therapeutic and medicinal healing agent. Our program is supported by a group of Pastoral Counselors, Social Workers, Therapist and African Traditionalist who recognize the connection between the mind, body, and spirit, incorporating, yoga, nutrition, art, music, drumming , nature, travel, massages and access to a licensed professional.  We are located on a private beach surrounded by luxurious nature. Sometimes you just need to escape to a beautiful place and reconnect to your roots.  Book Now!

Vibe with the Tribe


 Join us for African Dance, Drum and Yoga sessions, workshops, performances, and retreats. We  are happy to come to your site to share  our wellness program infused with Traditional African Culture  or  you can visit our  private beach location surrounded by the most beautiful aspects of nature.  Ask about our team building, youth empowerment, and Corporate Wellness programs. 

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Our Roots Project is a Non Profit Organization in San Antonio, Texas servicing communities in Ghana and other parts of Africa

The Roots Project

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