Volunteer & Tour Ghana| Yoga, Drum, Dance, & Beach Retreat




We are inviting facilitators and participants to Teach Yoga in Ghana, Africa and underserved communities:

Ghana Resident- 4500ghc

200hr Certification Program

Resident Africa- 6000ghc

200hr Certification Program, accommodation, vegan meals, beach retreat, bon fire, tour ghana

Non-Resident-$1000 Program Fee

200hr Certification Program, accommodation, vegan meals, beach retreat, bon fire, tour ghana

Non-Resident $1500 Fundraising Commitment should be submitted 60 days prior for us to provide your visa letter, certification preparations, accommodation, meals, tour and retreat package, as well as provide sponsorship for participants from members of underserve communities. 

$734 for Scholarship Applicants email erakah@ourrootsproject.com for consideration 

Yoga's African Roots

Do you want to become a dynamic yoga teacher for all to afford yoga? Do you want to learn how to include drumming meditations,  African dance and Binaural beats in your program to add more value to your sessions?   Already have your RTY certification? Come be a facilitator and help someone else earn theirs.This program includes:

  • Daily Meditation & Yoga Practice
  • Intro to how to include Art & Music in your workshops
  • Drum Meditation practice
  • History of Yoga from a African perspective including drum & dance and their healing attributes
  • Exploration of various Yoga methodologies
  • Hands on practice teaching -seated, standing, balancing, prone, inverted, backbends, and Supine Twists, and anatomy
  • Recite the name of Sanskrit, Yoruba and Kemet postures 
  • Exploration of Self-Sustainability and Environmental Health, improving our communities 
  • Village Service Project
  • Explore Ghana
  • Beach/Nature Retreat
  • Celebratory Self-Reflection Bon Fire

You will receive fundraising tips and support. 

( Airfare not included)

Payment Arrangements & financial support  available by email request. erakah@ourrootsproject.com

+233-247-514-974 or Whatsapp 210 537 9104 

Celebrate Culture, Teach & Explore

Dedicate a paver, villa, pavilion, or street in Ghana, Africa, in your name, an ancestor, or someone you want to honor. 

Contribution Levels:
$50 - receive recognition on the donor appreciation wall  

$3,000 -receive a paver dedication and one week stay

$5,000 -receive a villa dedication and one week stay

$10,000 -received a Pavillion Dedication and one week stay

$15,000 -receive a street name dedication and one week stay


What has Roots & Odehebi Collaborative done so far?

Purchased more than two acres of land for community development plans

(email  info.odehebi@gmail.com to invest or learn more about partnerships for future development plans)

More than 340 people from all over the world have been given tools for self-empowerment providing the path to wellness from the inside out

Healing from the inside out for Rehab aftercare and out care patients

On the forefront of increasing discussions about Mental Health Awareness

Reintegrated authentic Cultural Arts and education into two schools and two underserved communities

Provided workshops for over 25 Europeans and Diasporans to experience African Culture and learn African history prior to Colonialism.


Over 30 members of underserved communities have been provided wages, career development, mentorship and healthy lifepaths. 

Unity among various communities has allowed for environmental physical and mental health improvements. 

Spearheading a self-empowered generation to lead us to a life of true freedom, peace, and happin